Preparatory Building Work at a Private Residence in Huddersfield


In March 2017, Integrated Lift Solutions were invited to do some preparatory building work to allow a new lift to be installed at a private residence in Huddersfield. As the client’s  remained at home during the works, an emphasis was made on tidiness and efficiency.

Works included;

  • Remove existing timber floor and joists from pre-constructed lift shaft.
  • Remove ceiling lights at upper and lower levels of lift shaft
  • Remove and isolate sockets in upper and lower lift shaft areas.
  • Raise upper ceiling 50mm
  • Cut out existing laminate chipboard and Kingspan insulation at lower level to create 120mm pit
  • Alter existing openings to suit lift door entrances.
  1. Remove upper and lower double doors inc architraves and set aside.
  2. Reduce overall size of upper level opening to match attached drawing and make good inc. decoration, architraves and skirting.
  3. Build new wall to lift shaft incorporating new lower level door opening. Make good and decorate.
  • Fit custom doors at upper and lower levels to match existing. Doors to be pre-drilled to accommodate interlocks supplied by TGL
  • Install power supply


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